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You might need counselling/therapy if:

You were rejected, neglected or mistreated by the adults responsible for when You were growing up.

You experienced favouritism at home, school or work, or someone bullied You at home, school or work.

You are feeling unattractive, ugly or unworthy.

You were betrayed by someone with who You were in an intimate relationship.

You are abusing food, drink or drugs.

You survived the traumatic loss of something much loved: a person, a pet, a job,
but You struggle with the aftermath of it.

Therapy will help to rewrite past experiences when You faced devaluation
because of your looks, accent, class, nationality, race, gender, sexual orientation or religion.

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I offer individual face to face weekly counselling sessions, each 50 minutes long.
The number of sessions depends on the client’s preferences
and it is discussed during the initial session.
I believe meeting every week helps to work more effectively on issues.

In my practice, I use diagnostics tools like mood questionnaires to assess the client's needs better.
Questionnaires help to make sense of your presenting problems/concerns and your pathway into therapy.
Diagnostic tools also help track progress and illustrate how much progress you made throughout therapy.

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