Argentum Counselling in Clapham

About Counselling. Karuzela

Why counselling?

Counselling provides a safe and confidential space to allow you
to talk one-to-one with a trained professional
about your feelings and concerns.

You might talk about past events that have caused difficulty in your life
and which still affect you today,
or you might concentrate on your present relationships and emotions.
In addition you might have negative thoughts and behaviours that you wish to change.

My role is not to give advice or to solve your problems for you;
I will listen to your story, helping you to understand yourself better.
Through reflective discussion we will work together to make positive changes in your life.

I am an objective, non-judgmental professional
who provides a comfortable space for you to discuss your difficulties.
Together we will work towards attainable, client centred resolutions.

In many cases the issues are resolved by the widening of the consciousness,
which comes as the result of our discussions; in other cases,
a proactive effort is necessary in tackling the distressing behaviours and thoughts.

Looking for a therapist is a difficult task,
since you may feel nervous and uncertain about your choice.
Making the first step is always the most challenging.

From personal experience I know that finding a good therapist,
who you can speak honestly with is the key to effective therapy.

About Counselling. Sopot


I offer individual weekly counselling sessions, each 50 minutes long.
The number of sessions depends on client’s preferences
and it is discussed during the initial session and later when the sessions are reviewed.
I believe meeting every week helps to work more effectively on issues.

My practice is supported by use of diagnostics tools like mood questionnaires.
Questionnaires help to make sense of your presenting problems/concerns and your pathway into therapy.
Diagnostic tools help also to track your progress and illustrate how much have been done throughout therapy.

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